Garbo Day, Sydney

The Sydney city councils are big on cleanliness. Several times each year they give notice to the local residents to put out their oversize discards for garbage collection. I’m sure they were not thinking of the sociological aspects of this, the idea that we learn about a society through excavating it’s garbage, but that is how “garbo day” interests me.

Remarkably, there are a lot of entirely serviceable appliances, furniture, clothing and books among the discards presumably because their useful life has expired for the owners. As one might expect, the garbage pickers are out in force fossicking around the curbside piles of stuff looking for treasures. I’m spying among them to see what interesting photographs might be made or found, what fictions, dramas, sculptures and other treasures have been unwittingly placed by their former custodians innocent of the interpretation that might be made of them. It’s a risky business to throw away one’s garbage. You never know who might get a hold of it.

About Graham Howe

Art curator and conceptual artist working in photography, mostly.
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One Response to Garbo Day, Sydney

  1. Sam Mellon says:

    These are beautiful Graham. I particularly like _ox.

    More! More!

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