Carol Jerrems’ short long goodbyes

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In the dozen or so years of Carol Jerrems’ all-too-brief photographic output before her untimely death in 1980 at age 31, the outward subject of her work was the social upheaval in contemporary urban life in late 60s and 70s … Continue reading

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Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam, Melbourne, Australia, September, 1971.

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Thanks to a prompt by Gael Newton, Australia’s preeminent photo-curator, I went into my photo archive last week to look for some pictures I’d remembered making of an Anti-Vietnam War demonstration in 1971. Yes, they were there but I’d never printed them, … Continue reading

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LA Freeway Revisited

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In mid-1975 when I left Sydney to visit the United States I landed first in New York. Then over several months I zig-zagged my way by car across the country from East to West. By September I found myself driving … Continue reading

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Garbo Day, Sydney

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The Sydney city councils are big on cleanliness. Several times each year they give notice to the local residents to put out their oversize discards for garbage collection. I’m sure they were not thinking of the sociological aspects of this, … Continue reading

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